Schools for the Future

a community vision for 21st Century education in mid and northwest Pembrokeshire

our vision

We want a high quality and inspiring education rooted in the communities of  Pembrokeshire for students of all aptitudes and abilities to prepare them for life and work in Wales and beyond.

We want our children to be:

  • educated and informed
  • creative and resourceful
  • flexible and confident
  • happy, healthy, good citizens, ready for life in the 21st Century
  • young people with their roots in Pembrokeshire and their eyes on the world.

In achieving that vision our campaign will be:

  • inclusive and transparent
  • informed and imaginative
  • realistic and determined

We aim to:

  • research, debate and agree a plan to achieve sustainable, 21st Century education for the people of the mid and northwest Pembrokeshire
  • write a proposal that is imaginative, forward looking, and based on a sound understanding of the financial and political constraints at a local and national level
  • put that proposal to the community for debate, amendment, and final agreement,
  • submit the plan to PCC as part of the statutory public consultation by May 5th 2015
  • campaign locally, nationally and across the UK for the adoption of the plan.

After a final public meeting on April 16 the plan is now ready.  Please read it,  and back it by May 5th



  1. Jonathan & Maggie Rose

    March 2, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    Before we moved to St Davids, our 7 children attended a various schools in England and a number of these combined a lower school with a senior school under one headship and administration. This gave the children a wider educational experience as well as maximising facilities in an economically efficient manner. Some were on one geographical site and others on two sites but the advantages remained the same.
    Although we are no longer school parents, we believe St Davids’ schools are at the heart of this community. If either is removed there will be no attraction for today’s parents to live in this area which will have a direct impact upon the economy leading to an indirect impact upon tourism. The St Davids area would fall into decline and the heart would be torn out of the city.
    Ysgol Dewi Sant is a flourishing, successful school of which the 6th form is a vital part. With imagination and specialist subjects offered could become a beacon of excellence to attract students from a wider area and inspire the younger children.

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