PCC’s proposal

Let’s start with the document from Pembrokeshire County Council that sets out its proposal.

Although the Council’s position has shifted considerably since this was published in March, this is still the document on which the consultation is based.  It proposes to take the 6th forms away from the secondary schools in St Davids, Fishguard and Haverfordwest (leaving them as 11-16 schools) and centralise all A-level provision at a new 6th form centre based at Pembrokeshire’s further education college, Pembrokeshire College, also in Haverfordwest.  There are also plans to improve the provision of Welsh medium education and education for pupils with Additional Learning Needs.

PCC review of secondary education in mid and northwest Pembrokeshire CONSULTATION DOC March 2015

 The Tribal Report

In June 2013 Pembrokeshire County Council, jointly with Pembrokeshire College commissioned a report from a research organisation called Tribal Education Ltd. into the Development and Delivery of 14-19 Education and Training Provision in Pembrokeshire

It is very comprehensive and full of  information.   It was also used as the basis of the Council proposal that all post-16 funding should be routed through the College and that the College should take responsibility for all post-16 education in Mid and Northwest Pembrokeshire.  But it is possible to draw other conclusions from the same information.

See for yourself.  You can view/download the Tribal Report here Tribal Report 2014.  We have highlighted in green some sections used in the Schools for the Future Plan

the Donaldson review of the curriculum for Wales

in 2014 Professor Graham Donaldson, credited with being the architect of the huge improvements in Scottish education, was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government to review the curriculum in Wales.  The review points the way to the future of Welsh education and has had a major influence on the development of the Schools for the Future plan

you can read or download the Donaldson review or the Curriculum in Wales here

The Donaldson review – successful futures

21st Century funding

And if you want to look at the details of the Council’s plans for spending the Welsg Government’s 21st Century schools funding, here’s what what planned in 2012.  We know there is flexibility in what the money will finally be allocated to.

PCC’s plans for spending 21st Century Schools funding 2012


On other pages you can dig further into accademic and govenment research into 6th forms, colleges and how they perform, and models for using online learning in secondary education.  We hope that gives you enough informationto want to back the plan.