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Our future, our life, our legacy

IMG_20150228_124735The Council’s public consultation starts at St Davids City Hall at 6.30 on Monday 23 March. We now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to agree a plan of our own – a realistic and practical vision of the 21st Century education that we want – and to campaign for that vision to become the future of our infants, the daily life of our families and our legacy for generations to come.  On this website you’ll find all you need to know to have your say and make a real difference.  Here are the dates you can’t miss……

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8 things you need to know…… by Monday

The Council’s public consultation begins on Monday 23 March and ends Tuesday 5 May.  St Davids schools for the future is holding two meetings during that time to gather your views and turn them into a proposal on behalf of the whole community.  Here are the 8 things you need to know to get up to speed on the issues.

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All-through schools help rural communities

In our interview with Kate Evan-Hughes, director for Children and Schools at PCC,  she told us  the only way to keep secondary education on the St Davids Peninsula is to amalgamate YDS and at least two local primaries, creating an all-through school for St Davids.   Our Schools and Education research team find that it’s a model that is transforming rural education for the better elsewhere.

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Machynlleth all-through school

machynllethYsgol Bro Hyddgen, is the new all-through school in Machynlleth.  The parallels with St Davids are striking.  Ann Evans, former YDS teacher,  spoke to Headteacher, Dafydd Jones.

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21st century digital learning: nil. 30-mile daily bus journey: 1

old busJust 3 years ago Pembrokeshire County Council had a plan to make the very best use of digital technology in schools.  It had the great idea that online learning could reduce support and transport costs and give students a wider choice of subjects right there in their schools.  Now the plan is to bus them daily on a 30 mile round trip to a centralised 6th form unit.

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Could online learning save our 6th form?

distcance learningOnline communication, advertising, research, entertainment – it’s at the heart of 21st Century business and at the heart of 21st Century homes.  Digital skills are central to the Donaldson Review and the Welsh Government’s vision of 21st Century education.  Could online learning give us a 21st Century solution here?  Here’s Toby’s story.

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hwb: learning online? not here!

hwb“The internet at school is useless”, I’ve heard over the dinner table.   It’s the view of a frustrated 14 year-old, but it’s true. We can do more online at home than the kids can do at school. How can our children get ready for life in a digital world with the online equivalent of a writing slate?  Well one possible answer is  Hwb. Continue reading

Rugby Club II: the meeting that matters

Have your say small logo_600It all began with Rugby Club I – that meeting back in January when the community decided  enough was enough and we needed to do more than protest – we needed to come up with our own vision for the future of education here on the Peninsula.  That’s when Schools for the Future was born.  And the feedback  we’re getting is that people who matter are now paying attention.  So you’ll want to be at Rugby Club II, because that’s when your voice and your ideas will really start to count.  Here’s the timetable.

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Council plan would close YDS Community vision could save it

So it’s just as we thought. When we met with Kate Evan-Hughes, Director for Children and Schools at County Hall early on Wednesday morning, it was clear within minutes that the proposal that had emerged from that extraordinary Council meeting back in January with our protest going on outside, the proposal that appeared to save YDS from closure, the proposal to keep it open as an 11-16 school but remove its 6th form, that proposal would leave YDS too small to survive. It’s what many had thought, but now we know for sure.

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Labour leader calls a halt

Councillor Paul Miller, leader of the Labour group on the council, says he wants the public consultation to stop before it starts and the Council to go back to the drawing board.

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