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  1. Brighid Southwell

    March 14, 2015 at 10:01 am

    If it is at all possible to keep the sixth form at YDS I think it gives greater stability to the whole school, is aspirational for the younger students, and offers opportunities to the sixth form students to take on responsibilities which they would not have in a sixth form college. 16 year olds suddenly thinking they a college students when they do not really have the maturity can lead to problems and is known to result in lower academic grades. There is also the risk of losing some of the more academic staff. The effect on after school activities – the cathedral choir, the rugby club etc – is obvious: students travelling long distances will lose that time and those opportunities. Also, if it is likely that Pembrokeshire will soon be linked to Ceredigion, who are championing local schools with sixth forms to very good effect, it seems a daft time to be destroying our own school structure.

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