As the deadline for submissions to the council approaches – May 5th – we are now working closely with the Fishguard community to back the Schools for the Future plan as a way forward for both communities.  Representatives of the community have put together a Fishguard Community Focus page to tailor the main plan to the needs of Ysgol Bro Gwaun.  You can find the Fishguard “your child, your say” facebook page here  and make sure you write to the Council to express your views.  if you want to support the plan you could say:

“As part of the statutory consultation on the future of secondary education
in mid and northwest Pembrokeshire I would like to state my support for the Schools for the Future community plan and  ……

….I feel that this part is particularly important

…..I think it would be improved by the following ideas

….. I particularly support the Fishguard focus document”

Your email can be as short or as long as you want.   Give it the title:  Support for the Schools for the Future Plan.   Include your name and address,  and tell the Council your view.

the deadline is  Tuesday May 5th


You can read the whole plan here