Councillor Paul Miller, leader of the Labour group on the council, says he wants the public consultation to stop before it starts and the Council to go back to the drawing board.

“It has been obvious to me from the public meetings in St Davids and Haverfordwest, that the proposals are so unpopular that any real consultation is going to reject them fully, wasting time and money.” said Cllr Miller “So, these proposals need to come back to council and be rethought.”

Councillor Miller who is standing as Labour candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire in the Parliamentary election in May has secured the support of the 15 councillors necessary to demand an extraordinary general meeting of the council and vote on a motion to withdraw the current schools reform proposals and reconsider, but he would have to win a majority vote at that meeting to halt the process and start over.

That meeting has now been set for April 14th.

The question for us is whether halting the process at that stage would give us a greater chance of achieving our community vision for the future of our schools or lose us momentum and focus.  The concern raised by some councillors including our own, David Lloyd, is that it might also stop the council getting access to Welsh Assembly funding for its plans.  Paul Miller refutes that.

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